Conscious Multidisciplinary Artist



Jasmine is a bi-coastal actress, poet, writer, model, singer, teaching artist, and facilitator from the Bay Area of California. She earned a Bachelor's of Art degree from the University of Southern California, School of Dramatic Arts where she founded a Social Justice Theatre Company, One & All, that channels art into activism toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. Jasmine earned her Master's in Art & Public Policy at New York University. She has received honorary grants and scholarships from Oregon Shakespeare Festival Seminar, Julliard’s Artist as Citizen Conference, USC and NYU. As a Black, Mexican, queer woman, the intersectionality of her identities is fundamental to her work. Her experiences in marginalized communities and in privileged institutions, give her unique insight of the disparities between differences of race, class, gender, and sexuality, and charge her pursuit of bridging the gap between inequalities. Her acting work expands from theatre, to film, new media, and voice over, and her role as an educator is played through her transformational workshops in which group-devised pieces and strategic initiatives are co-created. Jasmine is passionately driven by socially conscious art with a specific focus on the intersectionality of systems of oppression, environmental justice, sustainability and community engagement.