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You are a heart driven woman who boldly leans into your stretchy discomfort edges knowing your spiritual growth & personal healing paired with strong, decisive action, results in your greatest leadership, impact & embodied wealth.

You KNOW your gifts & medicine are so potent and that in order to give whole-heartedly from true overflow, you need to make some fundamental shifts in your relationship with money and wealth that go beyond surface level teachings. You know that transforming your relationship with money will strengthen your ability to be more empowered in your leadership which results in expanding your impact.


You know that you have only reached the tip of your receiving potential with money and you’re ready to allow yourself to step into a whole new juicy paradigm where you get to anchor in a secure attachment that feels lush, joyful, pleasurable, guilt-free, and shame free. 

You’ve felt yourself cycling through in the same ancestral stories, patterns, and wounds that have kept your relationship to money capped in upper limits, stuck in feast or famine cycles, or unfulfilling and you are READY for wild overflow.

You desire to decolonize your relationship to your body, wealth, & service and allow for your work to be cleansed of unconscious oppressive programming that is rampant within capitalism and you care deeply about healing your bloodline.

You're ready to go from overexerting your body, overachieving, (hyper masculine) or over-giving, (wounded feminine) to the point where you’re tired, depleted, or drained into regulated pleasurable leadership & heart-lead service.

You’ve gone through enough ego deaths & painful lessons to know that the best is yet to come, it requires deep devotion & grit, and you’re not willing to hold yourself back from your most liberated expression as your wild, wealthy, woman anymore.


You know you need to transform your relationship with money & wealth in order to step into your most empowered leadership and that this will allow you to expand your ability to create more impact in the world through your sacred work. Doing this for yourself & your community with your highest integrity has become a non-negotiable.

You aren’t here for another white-washed (upholding white supremacy) coaching container that lacks the nuance and wisdom required to hold the difficult, necessary conversations in what it means to hold power & privilege with integrity in a world of inequity, injustice, and inequality.

Your next spiritual wealth expansion is here for you.

You know your work is so fucking powerful and changes lives and you desire to serve your community with greater equity, care, and intersectional social awareness while feeling deeply supported by money, Spirit, and life.


You’ve gone through trainings and programs along your spiritual journey yet continue to find yourself stuck at certain income or receivership limits and are ready to be filled up, satisfied, and turned on by the reciprocation of your work being reflected in your sustainable, long term, embodied wealth.

You’ve gone through transformative “peak” experiences and yet continue to repeat the same patterns that have your body feeling tight, anxious, or stressed around money and you’re ready to be regeneratively receiving, holding, & stewarding higher flows of money through your soul work


You’ve served dozens, hundreds, or thousands of humans and feel like you’re continually overstretched and undernourished in the depths of your leadership and you desire to serve even more people from a place of rest, pleasure, and overflow.


You know that there are generational or ancestral cycles that make holding more wealth IN PLEASURE feel scary, inaccessible, or wrong and you’re READY to rewrite your wealth story for your lineage.


You are aware of how violent and harmful colonialism & systemic oppression is and understand it is a sacred responsibility to SHOW THE FUCK UP for humanity, so you are devoted to UNLEARNING these systems and REMEMBERING the ancient & ancestral wisdom that courses through your blood and bones.


From playing small in your receivership, visibility, & abilities to OWNING your power to impact hundreds & thousands with brave, groundbreaking, thought leadership while being well paid.


From constantly hustling & draining yourself for money to receiving money with embodied ease & pleasure while sharing your medicine generously.


From forced periods of sabbatical and recovery periods due to burn out, to regenerative human-centered growth.


From over-worked for money into abundantly financially supported as a measure of embodied self-value.


From allowing your old stories, patterns, & habits to overpower you, to making strong, secure, stable, grounded, decisions leading your from the depths of your wisdom.


From misusing your time & energy to wisely investing your resources into the most fruitful energetic & financial returns so you can have the expanded capacity to GIVE & RECEIVE MORE in wild overflow


From feeling angry, shameful, or resentful that the amount of money you are holding or receiving just doesn’t match the power of your medicine to feeling deeply held & supported by money in your work.


Deepen & Expand

A Pleasure Based Leadership Mastermind


Rise in your Feminine Reclamation and expand your capacity to live in regenerative wealth & lead from wild overflow with power, pleasure, and liberation.


Deepen & Expand, is a 12 month, high touch, pleasure based leadership mastermind & sister circle for you to rise & thrive in your next level of embodied conscious leadership, wild feminine power, and regenerative wealth.. with pleasure 🫦


For the creative visionary on a divine mission who dares to courageously hold yourself through your deep fears and choose to step into the liberation you wish to see in the world through your own inner work and be-ingness.


Let’s be real.


There are plenty of people out there teaching leadership skills, anti-oppressive frameworks, or how to manifest money…


There is only one unique container that intersects EMBODIED leadership, DECOLONIAL indigenous wisdom, and REGENERATIVE wealth. And you're reading about it right now from a queer woman of color who has learned to thrive in my wildest dream life.

In a world that is woven with toxic systems and narratives keeping so many stuck and oppressed, YOU know you have the ability to create change that matters while ALSO feeling safe & juicy in your body & bank account. Many people struggle to ACTUALLY expand their impact because they are conditioned within capitalism & patriarchy to not allow for the Feminine Reclamation of their power, sovereignty, liberation within & beyond money.


Somatic liberation work isn’t about just regulating your nervous system to feel more safe in what’s unfamiliar or uncomfortable. This work goes far deeper than that. It’s about EXPANDING the love, freedom, pleasure, and wealth your body can sustainably hold, circulate, and steward through the intimate trauma work and ancestral healing work that is necessary to free yourself from harmful social programming.


Most programs and containers teaching leadership, somatics, and money work aren’t giving the support you truly need to sustainable thrive in a whole new level of your life and work. 


Deepen & Expand is where you come to rise into your highest leadership, where you're given intimate, deep, somatic & nervous system support to take you to your next level of conscious relationships, social impact, regenerative wealth.

This is a intimate close proximity high-touch space for you to rise & thrive in your next level of embodied leadership, wild feminine reclamation and regenerative wealth.. with pleasure 🫦

This mastermind is less about "what you get" and more about WHO YOU BECOME. If you know you're ready to become the woman who feels more embodied in your raw feminine power as you lead with heart & integrity while receiving in wild overflow.. this is for you. 


The deeper we go, the more you expand. I want the absolute best for you. This is why Deepen & Expand is a 12 month commitment. This is a long-term mentorship mastermind for those who want to sustainably grow with ease & pleasure and not feel rushed or pressured through a transitional 3 and 6-month coaching program. Here you will receive weekly personalized coaching support, go through your ebbs & flows, highs, & lows, in sacred sisterhood as you rise into your most powerfully embodied leadership.

I’ve invested 360,000k+ (this includes in scholarships, grants, loans, and multiple 10s of thousands of hard cash dollars) into my highly developed education, training and skillset (skills like subconscious reprogramming, nervous system expansion, somatic repatterning, ancestral trauma healing etc) in the areas of intimacy, wealth, social justice, and consciously embodied leadership so that I can distill this wisdom & personally coaching you into your quantum growth for insane value. Because this is my passion, my life’s work, and my mission, so I am INVESTED in your transformation.


If you’re feeling resonance and desire intimate, personalized support & sacred sisterhood to hold you, guide you, and expand your nervous system capacity through your unique growth process. Deepen & Expand is for you.

This is for you if:


▹ You know life & leadership is much more easeful and pleasurable in deep sisterhood & value rising alongside powerful like-minded women that inspire & uplift you through your seasons of growth & decay.

▹ You are either aware of or have been actively dismantling systemic oppression and want to further your social impact with a skilled social justice facilitator, acknowledging power & privilege dynamics so you can feel in right relationship with expanding money, access, & wealth in your life and leadership.

▹ You have been devoted to your trauma healing, nervous system re-pattering, and embodiment work and know that this work takes deep trauma-informed care so you want nourishing intimate coaching with will individualized support to hold you in your full spectrum fullness.

▹ You know life & leadership is much more easeful and pleasurable in deep sisterhood & value rising alongside powerful like-minded women that inspire & uplift you through your seasons of growth & decay.

▹ You know that massive spiritual growth requires deep internal healing that privileges the wisdom of the body & and that this depth of personal support is key in expanding your financial, spiritual, and professional wealth.

▹ You are an artist, creative, change-maker, witch, or healer who cares more about sustainable, regenerative growth than quick fixes or peak moments that don't last

An intimate share from my heart to yours ~

2023 was one of the wildest, hardest, heaviest, most magical expansions of my life.. that lead to a massive decay period where I surrender into a 5 month business sabbatical. Aside from supporting the clients I was already holding, and fulfilling commitments that felt juicy & expansive for me- a private VIP day, a California retreat facilitation, and a speaking engagement in Mexico, I pulled most of my energy out of my business and into other creative joys: singing, dancing, guitar, climbing, nature adventures, yoga, quality time with loved ones. And a lot of emotional processing. 


After a shocking breakup in Paris with one of the deepest loves of my life during my birthday time, I fell into a void of grief, heartache, and pain, riding waves of anger and sadness as I surrendered to a decomposition process. I allowed myself to fall apart, be messy, and hold myself with grace, compassion, and tenderness. After having become a multiple six-figure entrepreneur exploring ancient sites all over the planet while transmitting my wisdom & learnings to my clients in my private and group containers, I felt a huge shift happening deep in the core of my being. This lead to re-aligning my business into a richer, juicier, more pleasurable regenerative eco-system.


I’ve had some magical highs in my leadership & money healing journey:


🪶In my first month of going full time in business, 4 years ago, I welcomed in an abundant 5k cash day and 24k in sales from pure alignment with soul clients 

🪶Months later I opened my body to receive 8-10k cash months

 🪶By year 2 I'd expanded my nervous system to welcome in 14k+ cash days and healthy, fulfilling, devoted conscious intimate relationships while traveling the world

🪶I’ve gone to dream locations like Egypt, Peru, Costa Rica, Portugal, Paris & soon to be India while speaking in conferences, leading transformational ceremonies, and facilitating life-changing workshops. 

🪶I’ve booked out my private 1:1 practice, launched 8 programs, 4 masterminds, & a juicy membership

🪶I’ve co-facilitated global retreats

🪶I’ve trained professionals within non-profit and higher institutions


This is coming from a Black and Mexican Indigenous woman who grew up in a single mother household where a 6 figure income and traveling freely felt incredibly hard to access. 

Making the scariest financial choice of my life at the beginning of my journey, was deciding to invest 3k into private coaching. I tripled my investment in months. Then I decided to invest 13k+ into my first mastermind. Within the first few months I received my first 10k+ month while getting to travel to Egypt for a spiritual initiation and deeply supporting my private and mastermind clients. 

There’s no way I would be where I am now if I hadn’t made that terrifying decision, to invest my thousands of dollars into the kind of embodied wealth I desired for myself.

I've also had some really hard, heavy lows feeling terrified I was doing the wrong thing and wasn’t cut out for this work.

I’ve alchemized LOADS of pain, trauma, grief, & rage into joy, play, pleasure, ease, and gratitude in my leadership.


Conscious leadership is a path of spiritual devotion and I’m so deeply passionate in co-creating spaces that intimately support your greatest expansion. 


Deepen & Expand has been birthing through my soul since I came out of a 1 month silent retreat in the Amazon fresh with the Spirits of the Jungle. It is a sacred AF space.x


This work is beyond you, it’s ancestral deep, its collective deep, it’s for you, for me, for all.


If you’re feeling this, I am beyond thrilled to get to know you better and hold you through the magic of your somatic expansion and quantum growth.

You will be intimately nourished through these 4 roots:

Trauma Informed Pleasure Based Embodiment Approach

Wild Feminine Rising

Awaken the wild liberated sacred feminine within your mind, body & spirit and step into your next level relationship with your self, your loved ones, your community, and mother earth.



Somatic Alchemy

 Transmute ancestral & systemic rage, grief, guilt, and pain into clarity, purpose, and impact

Break trauma cycles rooted in insecure or disorganized attachment styles rooted in the wounded feminine

Nervous System Expansion

 Strengthen your intuition, strength, and resilience, with integrity, vulnerability, and authenticity

 Expand your sensual, sexual, & creative power to live in pleasure while in deep service to humanity


Anti-Oppression & 


Massively unlearn & dismantle internalized systems of oppression ie patriarchy, racism, sexism, toxic capitalism, genderism, colonialism

 Deepen your spiritual embodiment and connection to the divinity as you somatically expand your capacity to receive, hold, and circulate money in alignment with soul

In Deepen & Expand, you will:

▹ Root deep into your embodied feminine power and show up in your highest heart lead service & conscious embodied leadership

 Recalibrate and expand your nervous system to hold greater love, wealth, & social impact

 Rise in your anchored wild overflow so that your somatic container can expand it's capacity to love & lead with greater ease, liberation, & pleasure

Dismantle, transmute, & alchemize unconscious systemic oppression & resistance living in your mind, body, & work and liberate yourself from harmful social imprints & ancestral encodings

This work speaks for itself:

My clients experience things like:

⚡️actualizing their dream careers & changing countless lives through the channeled creativity, medicine, service while receiving their first multiple 5 figure days and multiple 6 figure years.

⚡️traveling the world & getting to invest more time, energy, & effort into what matters most (joy, relationships, presence, artistry, intimacy, social change)

⚡️money bonuses, raises, and being OVERPAID from excellence in service & openness to receiving & stewarding MORE money for your wellness & the wellness of others

⚡️gaining the courage to take up more space than ever in their FULL VOICE & POWER while growing their net-worth

⚡️feeling TURNED ON in their juiciest, authentic, impactful service & relationships

⚡️clearing the heaviness, shame, or weight of debt or misuse of money 

⚡️build their ideal lifestyle filling their time with what’s most important (sharing their medicine generously, being with family & loved ones, honing in on their passions)

⚡️grow sustainable generational wealth

⚡️investing wisely in their present & future and feeling juicer about that compound interest 💦

⚡️ leaning into their greatest uncertainty & scariest edges with more trust and power than ever

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Don't just take my word for it.

IMG_4523 2.jpg
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Deepen & Expand

Where you are held in a sacred sisterhood of diverse women growing in divine love, conscious wealth, & spiritually embodied leadership… with turn on

Exclusive Founders Early bird Rate
$7k PIF

Root your nervous system into a regenerative life-giving ecosystem of expansive growth… bi-weekly coaching calls hold you in your expansion through the inevitable contractions & times of dis-regulation


The VIP upgrade for you to anchor your expansion into your body with intimate, private somatic coaching support. You receive a 1:1 call every month plus a week of integration voice coaching support. 

Deepen & Expand is where you come to rise into your highest leadership, where you're given intimate, deep, somatic & nervous system care to take you to your next level of conscious relationships, social impact, regenerative wealth.

My therapist introduced me to this concept my body had already realized - “adjacent possibility” (Stuart Kauffman) . The essence is this: when ecosystems touch they create entirely new diverse possibilities that couldn’t have existed before.

When you’re in a juicy regenerative eco-system of powerful women TURNED ON in their magic, pleasure, & liberation, you open a whole new realm of possibilities for you to thrive in. You become embodied in the rich revolution this world needs.

If you’re desiring to Deepen & Expand in devoted wildly overflowing leadership that serves the whole planet, join this intimate sacred sisterhood of women making impactful social change & growing regenerative wealth with greater ease & pleasure. Our opening ceremony is October 17th, 2024. 

For the creative visionary who dares to hold yourself as you face your fears and choose to step into the transformation you wish to see in the world through your soul work and medicine.

Exclusive Here We Grow fam early bird founders rate $599/m or $7k/year for the WHOLE year!!

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The sisterhood spaces I hold are rich, deep, powerful, and deeply transformational.

Website Banner (7).png

If you’re desiring to Deepen & Expand in sacred relationships, conscious embodied leadership, and regenerative wealth that serves the whole planet WITH greater ease & pleasure, I invite to join us October 2024.


Where you welcome discomfort as you transform oppressive paradigms into de-colonial liberation.


For the creative visionary who dares to hold yourself as you face your fears and choose to step into the transformation you wish to see in the world through your soul work and



What you receive inside Deepen & Expand:

▹Bi-Weekly virtual calls with personalized coaching from Jasmine among other badass leaders & creatives (for consistent guidance, feedback, & mirrors that will allow your sustainable growth so you can’t hide, hold back, or sabotage yourself)

These calls are devoted to coaching, teachings, embodiment, energetic alignment & divine activations with personalized support to build your embodiment & skills of radical reclamation & deep transformative expansion in de-colonial regenerative wealth & and embodied anti-oppressive leadership.

▹ Somatic & Embodiment live ceremonial group sessions to release, shift, transmute & alchemize ancestral wounding, internalized systemic oppression, & painful social encoding

▹ Consistent rewiring & reprogramming of your subconscious mind into higher paradigms of liberation (to build your embodiment & skills of wild feminine reclamation & deep transformative liberation from oppressive, colonial, paradigms into life-giving wealth & and conscious social leadership)

▹ Personalized Nervous System healing, recalibrating & expanding work (to expand your capacity of empowered ethical leadership & regenerative wealth growth)

▹ Ongoing voice support from Jasmine & a community of other multidimensional creative leaders living their mission of embodied personal & social transformation


Premium Leadership, Wealth, & Intimacy Resources & High Tier Programs

Free access to all premium LIVE coaching programs, trainings, & expansion portals on growing in your conscious embodied leadership, liberated wealth, feminine power, empowering social change, divine relationships.


Full access to the Sanctuary also  includes:

▹ Monthly Themed Expansions to anchor your power in specific areas of growth

▹ Weekly coaching transmissions/trainings & consistent integration support

▹ Seasonal Wild, Wise, & Wealthy community circles to support personal, financial, & collective liberation.

▹ A vibrant community space full of channels to support you in sisterhood as you deepen & expand your nervous system into juicier love, stronger leadership, & liberated wealth. (Channels include: The Pleasure Palace, Feminine Reclamation, Wealth Expansion & Healing, Spiritual Activism + more)

▹ A WILD OVERFLOW of resources designed for you to plug into as often as you desire for coaching & sisterhood while anchoring into your wealth & leadership expansion that gives you space to integrate with pleasure & celebration

+ hours of masterclasses, trainings, sadhana, pleasure practices, & somatic activations to support your regenerative nervous system expansion in relationships, money, & embodied leadership
A Glimpse inside The Sanctuary Temple..
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Hear what my clients are saying all over the world

Join Deepen & Expand, our higher-tier ecosystem and let your leadership rise to new heights.

The deeper you go, the better it gets 💋

Desiring more support? Ask me about upgrade to VIP and receive 1 private coaching call with me per month for a special price.

Meet your Guide into Awakening, Embodiment, & Reclamation:

Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 3.38.14 PM.png

Hey love, I'm Jasmine

I am an Intimacy, Regenerative Wealth, & Embodied Leadership Coach with specialities in subconscious reprogramming, nervous system & somatic expansion, sexuality & pleasure liberation, and intergenerational or ancestral trauma healing. I am the founder of Here We Grow, 500hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Social Transformation Facilitator and Multi-Disciplinary Artist.

I've devoted 13+ years mentoring creatives through their transformation, 9+ years supporting visionaries expand love, wealth & impact with pleasure, 5+ years running a spiritual leadership-centered business. From leading programs & trainings within higher institutions and non-profit sectors in the realms of transformative justice, mindfulness & spiritual expansion, and in working with leaders in high level social impact, I decided to devote myself to supporting women, creatives, visionaries, & change-makers in creating regenerative wealth, reclaiming freedom, power, and pleasure in their leadership, being in the most satisfying & fulfilling relationships, and living purposefully in their soul's vision. My mission is to empower & awaken women through my methodology of Feminine Reclamation in transforming ancestral wounds into embodied wisdom and tapping into wild divine feminine energy to transform society through meaningful change. My drive and passion to support heart-centered, intuitive, creative women flows through all my offerings & containers and gives my clients extraordinary life changing transformation & expansion.

More love for Jasmine's work

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Join us in Deepen & Expand

You have a seat at the table, claim it.

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