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Social Equity & Community Empowerment Facilitation

Transformative & Restorative Justice

 Community Building

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

My facilitation and consultation work supports the healing & collective transformation of culture and society through an anti-oppressive de-colonization framework, heart-centered approach, and embodied mindfulness practice.

My offerings range from private groups, non-profit organizations, and higher institutions.

Email me to inquire on how I may best serve you or your organizations needs.

Hear from partners

Jasmine, as a human being and facilitator, is grounded, transcendent, open, and embodied. In seeing her in multiple capacities: as a facilitator, co-collaborator, co-designer, and teacher, I have appreciated so much about the ways she holds space, and draws trust and compassion from it. She has a seamlessness through which she connects with people around her, and enters space not as a source of all-knowledge, but rather as a voice that reminds us that the answers we need are held within us as a collective. To be that kind of a guide midst a world demanding so many answers is both a gift, and a reminder that the pace of transformation is rhythmic, dynamic, and asking us to be listened to. Working with her is a balm; is an experience that moves forward with graciousness and kindness, and I would recommend her as a supportive collaborator to so many. There were so many times in working together where she would take moments of conversation that sit in the space of ideas and bring them down to earth through activities that really held onto the essence of what we are talking about. Her passion for building space that is meditative, playful, and honest all at once is something that is needed by a field of work that perhaps needs a helpful guide to re-learn some very human skills of simply listening and being. The way she senses what a moment may be saying, and attaches it to movement and action is remarkable.

Anooj Bhandari, Community Organizer, Facilitator, and Artist

Jasmine Hayden is one of the most profound facilitators I have worked with. Her expertise in both theater and anti-racism/anti-oppression paired alongside her warmth and compassion creates a space in which one is confronted with these difficult subjects, yet comfortable to make a mistake to learn and grow. Her ability to interweave theatrical games with theory and real life experiences is seamless, allowing us to access some of our deepest experiences and thoughts, and dare I say make it fun? I can’t wait to attend more playshops and work with Jasmine further!”

Rebecca Kenigsberg, Director & Educator

Jasmine Hayden is an experienced, compassionate, and deeply insightful facilitator. She led a powerful playshop for us, helping us practice presence and greater awareness towards transformative justice. I was inspired by the rich ways in which she engaged us, over Zoom, combining physical exercises, imagination, and reflection. She led us deeper into ourselves and, with care, guided us in practicing empathy and pushing against resistances within us. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in her playshops again; it’s been a truly enriching experience. Thank you again for a wonderful playshop,

Ioana Jucan, Educator, Writer, Practioner

I had the pleasure of being led by Jasmine through 4-hour anti-racism workshops that explored both the personal and professional struggles of facing/fighting oppression. She has the unique skill of being both playful and profound in her facilitation. She helped us address our practical needs in rehearsing how to dismantle racism and sexism, while also nurturing our emotional and spiritual needs. I had fun, I was moved, and I was inspired; specifically in the ways she engaged us over Zoom, incorporated physical activities, and gave attention to our bodies and mental energy.

Carli Gaughf, Practitioner and Educator

"Jasmine has a keen sense of compassion and grounding that is necessary to lead others in their healing practice. I am glad to have witnessed her guidance as we co-facilitated a  anti oppression workshop together. Throughout the planning process she held space for me to be present with my own realities, while maintaining a balance of vulnerability and agency in her own practice. Many will benefit from the gifts Jasmine offers."

Shaina Lynn, Facilitator, Educator, Artist

Valued Partnerships

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New York University

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Cornell University

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University of Southern California


Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence

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Emerson College

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