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Want to work with me?

I work with humans who identify as:

Our mission is to expand your receiving capacity in love, life, & money so that you can sustainably grow your social impact, soulful love, and regenerative wealth. 

Visionaires, change-makers, thoughtleaders, non-profit organizers, activists

Spiritual entrepreneurs, creatives, witches, guides,
somatic/wellness coaches

I serve as a trauma-informed somatic mentor through a decolonial anti-oppressive spiritual framework to support leaders in expanding the power of your art/work with greater care for yourself and our siblings of diverse color and background.

Heart-centered healers desiring to dismantle oppressive systems & reclaim feminine power & liberation. 

We co-create fulfilling relationships & wealth through unlearning toxic capitalist, patriarchal, colonial programming and rising into your wild, wealthy, woman through deep somatic healing, nervous system rewiring, and spiritual embodiment work. 

The Sanctuary

Beyond a membership, the juiciest space on the internet for devoted women & conscious leaders to root into regenerative growth as your full spectrum human. A living, breathing, rich eco-system designed to sustainably nourish your expansion in love, leadership, and wealth, while holding you in sacred sisterhood. 

A powerful, courageous sacred space for leaders & creatives to reclaim your wildest unapologetic feminine expression... for your body to open, soften, expand, & receive with more pleasure... 

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Where your UNTAMED woman gets to be free, sexy, edgy, unconventional, & decolonized from oppressive normalized standards and liberated back to the ancient wilds of bare, raw, primal heart & truth as your love deepens, your leadership strengthens, your impact expands, & your wealth grows.

This is where you calibrate to your juiciest levels of receiving, be-ing, & leading in divine love, embodied leadership, and liberated wealth with consistency, devotion, accountability, & courage.  Stay for a season, a lifetime, or forever. 

Thriving Queens Mastermind

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My deepest intimacy, closest proximity highest value, expansion portal for ambitious womxn leaders desiring to deepen & expand their power, conscious wealth, & social impact with ease & pleasure. My highest support group container in my highest level of somatic & energetic support to anchor you into your most expansive receiving paradigm in love, money, & leadership. Join in sacred sisterhood to empower your receiving paradigm in money, love, intimacy & leadership with the power of your intuitive wisdom & nervous system nourishment.

Private Mentorship

12 months of deep somatic and ancestral healing work, radical spiritual evolution, & powerful feminine  reclamation in intimacy, wealth, & embodied leadership for the woman ready to rise to her highest level of love & service.

I treat my 1:1 clients like Queen sisters of the highest regard and pour my heart & soul into your deepest healing, powerful alchemization, and radical reclamation of who you get to be beyond the fears, doubts, insecurities, unhealthy patterns, trauma responses, mental constructs, blocked energy, & social conditioning that have fooled you into be-ing anything less than your turned on, magnetic wild woman & empowered leader dripping in your magic & wealth.

I equip you with the tools, resources, wisdom, guidance, and energetics/nervous system calibration for you to rise into who you’ve always been, a powerful leader creating your dream life on purpose and in pleasure. (Custom Containers Available)

SElf Paced Offerings

Expanding in Devoted Love & Leadership: Mini Course

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Communal Love

Not ready to invest in a mentorship or coaching space yet?

Join our Conscious Leaders Rising FREE Membership

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Our free CLR membership is for social impact driven creatives, leaders & spiritual entrepreneurs to be celebrated, receive member-exclusive bonuses: special discounts on upcoming offers, live bonus trainings, masterclasses, transmissions, and community gatherings, plus an overflowing free living resource library. Join now and allow yourself to be held in sacred community as you rise in your power, impact, wealth, & embodied leadership.



I facilitate, teach, and speak in global events, retreats, conferences, trainings, and programs to provide a nuanced depth of education and wisdom in the realms of embodied social activism and liberation work.and consultation work is rooted in embodied social justice & liberation work. I support group/collective healing and transformation through an anti-oppressive de-colonization framework, heart-centered approach, and spiritual mindfulness practice with a decade of experience. I offer in person or virtual facilitation and consultation working within companies, institutions, non-profits, conferences, or festivals.

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Hi love, I'm Jasmine

In the depths of my spiritual awakening while playing in the Costa Rican jungle, I was called into my profound ancestral trauma healing and rich medicine work which inspired me to receive trainings in coaching, social justice trauma-informed yoga, and integrative somatic trauma therapy by some of best teachers in the world

Since then, I've devoted my life to co-creating heart-centered spaces to empower creatives, healers, leaders, and visionaries to embody their full power, magic, and liberation through subconscious reprogramming, somatic expansion, and systemic alchemy.

Ultimately this lead me to become an Intimacy, Regenerative Wealth & Leadership Coach to support women & leaders co-create a life that is wealthy- spiritually, creatively, emotionally, financially, and in richness of life. My teachings and coaching focuses on nervous system expansion, energetic & emotional mastery, somatic liberation, sexual & sensual intimacy, ancestral & generational healing, creative personal & professional fulfillment, plant medicine integration, and embodied leadership for humans desiring to own their full power and serve their mission full of confidence, integrity, authenticity, and pleasure.

In addition to my coaching work I am a multi-dimensional artist, global speaker & facilitator, host of The Here We Grow podcast, and founder of Here We Grow.

Learn more about me here 

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