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Beyond just a membership, a sacred courageous space for creative visionaries who are devoted to leading themselves through powerful inner work so that their personal healing translates into embodied wealth & meaningful social impact.


For the woman who dares to meet yourself in the scary places and chooses to rise in the transformation you wish to see in the world through your 

be-ingness... with turn on 🫦

Join the juiciest space on the internet for you to rise in your Feminine Reclamation, a deepening into your divine feminine power and dismantling of systemic oppression into wild overflow... in money & heart-lead service.

When you lead with pleasure & turn on, you alchemize ancestral & social wounds into personal & collective liberation and expand regenerative wealth for the whole world. 

Current Expansion: JAZFEST JULY 💦

For the creative visionaires & wild women...

The Sanctuary is where you reclaim your wildest unapologetic feminine expression... for your body to open, soften, expand, receive, & hold more love, power & wealth.. in pleasure.

Where your UNTAMED woman gets to be free, sexy, edgy, unconventional, & decolonized from oppressive normalized standards and liberated back to the ancient wilds of bare, raw, primal heart & truth as your love deepens, your leadership strengthens, your impact expands, & your wealth grows.

This powerful space is here for you calibrate to your deepest levels of receiving, be-ing, & leading in divine love, embodied leadership, and liberated wealth with consistency, devotion, accountability, & courage.  

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Don't just take my word for it.

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You will be intimately nourished through these 4 roots:

Trauma Informed Pleasure Based Embodiment Approach

Wild Feminine Rising

Awaken the wild liberated sacred feminine within your mind, body & spirit and step into your next level relationship with your self, your loved ones, your community, and mother earth.



Somatic Alchemy

 Transmute ancestral & systemic rage, grief, guilt, and pain into clarity, purpose, and impact

Break trauma cycles rooted in insecure or disorganized attachment styles rooted in the wounded feminine

Nervous System Expansion

 Strengthen your intuition, strength, and resilience, with integrity, vulnerability, and authenticity

 Expand your sensual, sexual, & creative power to live in pleasure while in deep service to humanity


Anti-Oppression & 


Massively unlearn & dismantle internalized systems of oppression ie patriarchy, racism, sexism, toxic capitalism, genderism, colonialism

 Deepen your spiritual embodiment and connection to the divinity as you somatically expand your capacity to receive, hold, and circulate money in alignment with soul

This is for you if:


▹ You are aware of how systems of harm & oppression cause injustice, violence, and separation and you care about making impactful change that also supports you financially, spiritually, and professionally.

▹ You have been devoted to your trauma healing, nervous system re-pattering, and embodiment work and know that this work takes time so you want a nourishing space that will consistently hold you in your full spectrum fullness.

▹ You know life & leadership is much more easeful and pleasurable in community & value growing alongside powerful like-minded women that inspire & uplift you

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This Sanctuary is welcoming you into her warm embrace

Where you are held in a sacred sisterhood of diverse women growing in divine love, conscious wealth, & spiritually embodied leadership… with turn on


$77 for you to root your nervous system into our regenerative life-giving ecosystem of abundant resource… weekly coaching and monthly expansions to hold you in your expansion through the inevitable contractions & times of dis-regulation


The VIP upgrade for you to anchor your expansion into your body with intimate, private somatic coaching support. You receive 1:1 calls every month with a week of integration voice support. 

In a world that is woven with toxic systems and narratives keeping so many stuck and oppressed, YOU know you have the ability to create change that matters while ALSO feeling safe & juicy in your body & bank account. Many people struggle to ACTUALLY expand their impact because they don't stay rooted in their feminine power as they evolve.

The Sanctuary is where you come to grow into your highest self, where you're given water, sunlight, air, & a regenerative eco-system to bloom into your next season of love, impact, wealth, and expansion.

In the Sanctuary, you will:

▹ Root deep into your embodied feminine power and show up in your highest heart lead service & conscious embodied leadership

 Recalibrate and expand your nervous system to hold richer love, wealth, & social impact

 Rise in your anchored wild overflow so that your somatic container can expand it's capacity to love & lead with greater ease, liberation, & pleasure

Dismantle, transmute, & alchemize unconscious systemic oppression & resistance living in your mind, body, & work and liberate yourself from harmful social imprints & ancestral encodings

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This work speaks for itself:

When you’re in a juicy regenerative eco-system of women TURNED ON in their magic, pleasure, & liberation, you open a whole new realm of possibilities for you to thrive in. You become embodied in the revolution this world needs.

Join our rich community of healers, leaders, artists, witches, and women rising in divine love, pleasure, social justice, wealth, & embodied leadership in sacred sisterhood. Inside our space you receiving weekly coaching trainings/transmissions, regular coaching days, Wise, Wild, & Wealthy Community Coaching Circles, and overflowing resources.

Join now for in $77/m or $777/year for the year!!

Stay for a season, a year, or a lifetime. Cancel anytime 💋

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These are our pulsing transmission channels that are consistently nourishing & expanding you inside
The Sanctuary:

Open channels that are always flowing:

Feminine Reclamation

Regenerative wealth & Money Healing


Pleasure Palace


Collective Liberation, Social Justice & Spiritual Activism


Embodied Alchemy


What you receive inside the Sanctuary:

▹ Monthly Expansions to anchor your power in specific areas of growth

(Dripping June is here 💦)

▹ Weekly coaching transmissions/trainings & consistent integration support

▹Special Q & A/Coaching Days 


▹ Seasonal Wild, Wise, & Wealthy community circles to support personal, financial, & collective liberation.

▹ A vibrant community space full of channels to support you in sisterhood as you deepen & expand your nervous system into juicier love, stronger leadership, & liberated wealth. (Channels include: The Pleasure Palace, Feminine Reclamation, Wealth Expansion & Healing, Spiritual Activism + more)

▹ A WILD OVERFLOW of resources designed for you to plug into as often as you desire for coaching & sisterhood while anchoring into your wealth & leadership expansion that gives you space to integrate with pleasure & celebration


10+ hours of some of my best masterclasses, trainings, & expansion practices

A Glimpse inside The Sanctuary Temple..
+ hours of masterclasses, trainings, sadhana, pleasure practices, & somatic activations to support you in growing in your conscious embodied leadership, liberated wealth, feminine power, empowered social change & divine relationships.

when you join you will also immediately receive access to our

Here We Grow Living Resource Library for FREE


▹ 30 + hours of masterclasses, practices, trainings, & sadhana on recalibrating your nervous system to thrive, stretching your receiving capacity, transmuting wounds into wisdom, decolonizing, & liberating mind, body, & spirit

Sanctuary (Your Story).png
Hear what my clients are saying all over the world

Join The Sanctuary, our regenerative ecosystem and uplevel your life forever in the juiciest membership on the internet for just $77/m.

Stay for a season, a year, or a lifetime 💋


Less than $3 a day to deepen & expand your whole being in how powerfully you show up for your life, relationships, wealth, & embodied leadership.


If you decide to lock in a year inside of The Sanctuary Annual, you can join for $777.

[2 months for free!]


Upgrade to VIP and receive 1 week of private coaching with Jasmine per month at a special rate

Meet your Guide into Awakening, Embodiment, & Reclaiming:


Jasmine is an Intimacy, Regenerative Wealth, & Embodied Leadership Coach, 500hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Social Transformation Facilitator and Multi-Disciplinary Artist with specialities in subconscious reprogramming, nervous system & somatic expansion, sexuality & pleasure liberation, and intergenerational or ancestral trauma healing.

From leading programs & trainings within higher institutions and non-profit sectors in the realms of transformative justice, mindfulness & spiritual expansion, and in working with leaders in high level social impact, she devotes herself to supporting women, creatives, leaders, & change-makers in reclaiming freedom, power, and pleasure in their bodies, being in the most satisfying & fulfilling relationships, creating ancestral wealth, and living purposefully in their soul's vision.Her mission is to empower & awaken humans through her methodology of Feminine Reclamation in transforming ancestral trauma into embodied wisdom and tapping into deep divine feminine energy to claim the love, wealth, & liberation to thrive in their lives and transform society through meaningful impact. Her drive and passion to empower heart-centered, intuitive, creative women flows through all her containers and gives her clients extraordinary life changing transformation & expansion.

More love for Jasmine's work

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Join us in The Sanctuary

You have a seat at the table, claim it.

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