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VIP DAY with Jasmine Hayden

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Luxury VIP Day
Step into your next level of liberation, receivership, like the Queen you are.

The version of you that is feeling safe, held, and cared for in healthy sacred relationship, with money, in your unapologetic bold AF leadership.

Time and time again you will be put to the test of owning your desires and be met with fear and resistance


and time and time again you will have the opportunity to open yourself to RECEIVING and HOLDING this liberated wealth in your body

calibrate a your nourished nervous system with 5-star self-care & treatment where the feminine opening, allowing, receiving drops you into a new depth of intimacy & spiritual power

Radical expansion, divine feminine embodiment & sacred intimacy mentorship through a trauma-informed, socially conscious, spiritual approach

There’s a magical quality expanded within you when you allow yourself the softness, slowness, wildness, abundance, & juiciness of reclaiming your feminine aliveness.. while still allowing your raw, messy, humanness and taking full ownership of yourself and what you want
The nervous system fears what it wants most. It will resist your juiciest desires and protects you from your next level self until you feel safe to become HER. Your VIP day is aimed to expand your capacity to live in your deepness richness of life in your empowered leadership.

DM me on IG or book an alignment call below to claim your VIP Day.

VIP days are customized to best tailor to your needs and desires, please reach out if you're ready or feeling called to drop into the alignment.

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My Los Angeles VIP day with Jasmine was my first time seeing her in person since first beginning our coach-client relationship about two years ago. Being with her in person allowed for another level of energetic exchange not possible through zoom and phone calls (which are already powerful). Her presence brought many gifts that I
am both conscious and not conscious of.
I am from LA, but I hadn’t been to any of the places Jasmine took me, which was one delightful
aspect of the day: the discovery of the new within the familiar.
It was a truly special day.


When I arrived, we dove right in. In a rustic cabin, we drank tulsi and sweet rose tea, she gave me gifts (unexpected!), and we had a verbal coaching session first. I started crying immediately, releasing what needed to be released. We followed with a shamanic breathing practice that provided me an opportunity to surrender to intensity. I’d been
living out an unconscious pattern of avoidance of intensity, both painful and pleasurable. The breath
work brought intense physical sensations, intense emotion. 
In that private space, I let myself moan and release primal sounds I rarely allow to come through me.
It felt amazing to express so freely with my voice and body, letting intuitive impulse guide me. As I
did, I felt her moving and making sounds in the room with me, in addition to her verbal guidance.
Some deep energetic work happened, beyond what I’m consciously aware of. She told me so after we
finished, but I already knew this on some level. I don’t know if my mind will ever understand what
took place, but the body keeps the score.

Afterwards, we took a short hike to a beautiful mountain view, where I read a letter I’d written. It feels so good to be seen and embraced. Then it was time for luxury. I was truly pampered, treated like a queen. We spent hours at a Korean
day spa, first going in hot and cold baths and saunas, then having a two-hour full-body series of
scrubs, treatments, and massage. After that, I was deeply blissful, perhaps the most zen I’ve ever
It definitely gave me an opportunity to expand in my ability to receive pleasure. Shifting energetic
states like this, into more relaxation than I’ve experienced in months, is such magic.


We finished this beautiful day off with the crowning jewel, a dinner at Meteora LA, a truly luxurious
restaurant run by a 2-Michelin star chef. I was immediately stunned by the architecture and interior
design, very harmonious with nature, full of plants and natural textures conducive to relaxation. We
got a fixed menu with choice of entree, and every course was so delicious it’s impossible to describe.
This is the kind of experience I would have typically really hesitated to give myself, just because of
the cost, but in this context, I practiced letting myself receive fully. We each got four courses
including dessert, plus a drink. This day was all about receiving, receiving, receiving. Beyond what I think I get to have.
Each course was divine, the presentation, the quality of ingredients, the development of complex flavors—the
chef is truly a master of his craft. Some things can’t be put into words, they simply have to be
experienced. This entire dinner was one of those things. It was one of the most satisfying and special
meals I’ve ever had, if not the best ever. A real treat, both nourishment and art. How lucky am I that
I got to have this? So lucky.

We talked about this life being a dream that we get to consciously create, and within this dream
there are some moments that feel like, “can this really be real? It’s so magical.” The whole VIP day,
and especially the dinner, felt like that.
I embodied deep relaxation, deep receiving, enjoyment, and
gratitude. I also had fun. It wasn’t just heavy and deep. It was light and playful. We joked around. We
enjoyed this beautiful existence and its many pleasures.

The feeling I had the next morning, I can only compare to mornings after I’ve had psychedelic trips
in nature
. It felt like I was in such bliss that I saw the world and my life with totally fresh eyes. In a
way, I was reborn out of my old habits of limitation and stress.


By experiencing one day lived differently, I showed myself what is possible. I felt more aligned with my divine nature. I remembered that life can be so relaxing, so surprising, so pleasurable. This gets to be my default. The
human condition is to often slip into a state of forgetfulness of all this beauty and possibility, but the
more often and deeply we are reminded, the more our default becomes a state of awake
remembrance. This day was a large dose of remembrance that will stick with me and create ripples
that reverberate through my life forever.

8 hours $4444

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Upcoming Travel Dates & Locations
Northern California, CA
Azures, Spain 
Cabo, Mexico
Topanga/Los Angeles, CA
Flexible Dates & Locations
San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Napa Valley
January 24th-30th
1 day available
February 15th-18th
1 day available
February 23rd-26th
1 day available
These dates and locations don't work or not ready for a full in person VIP Day?
Receive a virtual intensive
75 minutes

Get to know me better

I'm Jasmine, I dedicate myself to co-creating heart-centered spaces to empower creatives, healers, leaders, and visionaries to deepen and expand consciousness and embody their full power, magic, and liberation. I earned a Bachelor Degree from USC and a Masters in Art & Public Policy from NYU before receiving trainings  fully realizing my soul's calling into community empowerment and social entrepreneurship through my methodology which intersects divine feminine embodiment, regenerative wealth, and spiritual justice which I like to call: Feminine Reclamation.

I Years of devotion to deep ancestral trauma healingcreated a massive cosmic expansion of my radical reclamation in divine love, embodied leadership, and conscious wealth which created the space to be in deeper service to myself, family, community and mother earth. Now I support others to do the same in their own unique magic & medicine.

I was called into profound trauma healing and rich medicine work as a coach & mentor diving into the depths of sacred space holding and radical reclamation which inspired me to receive trainings in coaching, social justice trauma-informed yoga, and integrative somatic trauma therapy by some of best teachers in the world

Ultimately this lead me to become a Somatic, Regenerative Wealth & Leadership Coach to support other leaders co-create a life that is wealthy- spiritually, emotionally, financially, and in richness of life. My coaching focuses on nervous system expansion, energetic & emotional mastery, subconscious reprogramming, somatic liberation, sexual & sensual intimacy, ancestral & generational healing, creative personal & professional fulfillment, plant medicine integration, and embodied leadership for humans desiring to own their next level conscious leadership and serve their mission full of confidence, integrity, authenticity, and pleasure.

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