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June 2023: BRB regulating to new depths of feminine power

It is only when the body & the essence of your soul feels safe, nourished, and cared for in your thriving..

Will your feminine unravel into all her glory & deliciousness

Opening to the surrender of the mystery and feeling held by Spirit & Mother Earth

Holding greater power wherever she leads & feeling the depth of her heart in service to the whole

The liberated feminine isn’t constricted by the rigid, overly controlled, masculine of toxic patriarchy

She lives & breathes fullness into her be-ing and the masculine embraces every last drop

This June day I woke up in a slump,

Got my body movin, spirit flowin, hand writing

still felt heavy & low

got triggered and felt the sensation of anger creep up

as it started to express itself at first I said not now, later

Then realized this is the same response I’d been giving it lately, it had been building to the point of near implosion

I’d slipped into the pattern of prioritizing feelings of bliss & gratitude which had resulted in turning away off from the fire that had been festering within

My lover notices & and asks if I want to be held or be alone

I say if you want to be here just witness me in my anger

I don’t want solutions, shifts in perceptions, logic, or reason

He came and sat beside me

I let the heat move through me in unfiltered fury

I gave myself permission to surrender to my wild feminine and she outpoured in tears, groans, and ugliness

Sweet relief

Freedom from my own restrictive containment

From feeling not quite safe enough to express all the emotion I had been unconsciously holding in

Holding my self as she fell apart & my partner silently held steady divine masculine ground

The anger softened to sadness, then pain, the deeper wound beneath the trigger revealing itself

Tenderness in the exposure

I wiped the tears & snot and soothed my system with full body caresses

Allowing goodnesss to fill the space I’d just cleared & opened

heaviness lifted, dropping into a new depth of intimacy with my body & being

Soft kisses & sweet squeezes

Letting my nervous system calibrate to a juicier paradigm of safety in feeling, receiving, & holding my feminine power

Filled with a wealth of wisdom, safety, trust, surrender & overflowing love & support

Body spacious & elevated with a felt sense of rich resonance landed

Alchemy is magical AF

In my first year of devotion to this liberation work I reached 5-10k consistent months, by year 2 I was having 5 figure days & surrounded by millionaires who felt unsafe in intimacy with love & money, and I’ll tell you..

True liberated wealth is an awakening beyond money held in the safety of fullness & richness in the body..

Here, my sweet love, is where your nervous system anchors in the deep rootedness of a new paradigm of wealth.





In pleasure & devotion.

Rich with juicy deep love & a fullness of life.

Through the energetic waves of your humanness and brilliance.

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