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September 2023: Deeper into death

The death portal is taking me even deeper into my soul, I thought I was emerging but I am still very much in surrender to the void

I’ve been here so many times before and each time it feels familiar and yet entirely a mystery..

System upgrades are catalytic in these times.. so much is crumbling & shattering, reforming & rebuilding all at once so I’m creating more space in the slowness of the evolution and letting the shifts settle in their own time, not rushing the process

Allowing the major alchemy at play to do its thing..

I am becoming a whole new being and embracing this space in between

Staying mostly offline, dropping deeper in pleasure, play, & prayer.. all the while medicine has been flowing through me, getting ready to share..

In the gap space, the in between, the void

The pain of letting go of another life that will not fit in the next evolution of my dreams

For what got me here won’t take me any further

I look back at who she was before she became who I am in the making, with soft gentle eyes

For you I will be better

For you I will sharpen my mind

For you I will strengthen my body

For you I will leave the past where it belongs

For you I will release distractions

For you I will live for every moment

For loving you is the greatest gift I have been given

And I am devoted to learning how to love you harder every day

Inhale as deeply as I am letting her in, exhale as deeply as I am letting her out

How much slower can I drink you in..

Because what I am learning more and more. is that I am in no rush to live this life fully

Om guru dev namo

I trust in the wisdom of the universe

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